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Karen "Cat" Siegelaar

VROC # 6724

Rest in Peace
November 23, 2015

Karen 'Cat' Siegelaar
2005 1600 Nomad Blue/Silver "Cat-i-tude"
VROC #6724-RIP IBA #8424
"It's good to ride like a girl!"


On Glory Road

There's a sadness in this, all right-
Sadness for her hurt and process of passing,
And sadness for her family and those left behind,
Sudden echo of her time, fading fast.
But there can be a peace to it,
And a legacy of her works and good memories,
And for her passing into light and Love
And an eternity with the Source of that Love.
These machines we ride in joy and power,
These extensions of our will, these swift steeds,
Is it sacrilege to attribute them with spirit,
And ride them in our dreams?
Can we ask that such be given spirit,
And carry us beyond this time,
That we can ride fast and loud
On the Glory Road.
-- Maccs ~V~657


Karen "Cat" Siegelaar with her husband and soulmate James (VROC 7809)

VROC condolences to the family

of  Karen "Cat" Siegelaar.

Rest in peace Cat.

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