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Welcome to the VROC Wiki

The VROC Wiki project is an effort to provide information to VROC members in a manner that can take advantage of the knowledge of individual members. The VROC Wiki uses Mediawiki software integrated into the VROC web site. Mediawiki is the software that runs information web sites such as Wikipedia and many other respected web sites. It allows selected users to provide information using powerful editing and navigation tools built in to the web site.

Users can navigate and read information without logging in to the VROC Wiki. If a VROC member wishes to contribute content to the VROC Wiki, they must first Log in to the Wiki. VROC members can log in by selecting "Log in" at the top right side of the Wiki web page. Enter your VROC number and VROC password to log in to the Wiki. After you have logged in, contact a system administrator by using the [Contact us] form on the main VROC web page and request a VROC system administrator give you "Editor" privileges in the Wiki. Note: Editor privileges are restricted to VROC members only.

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