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Richard Belleville

VROC # 5324

Rest in Peace
May 16, 1988 - September 2, 2011


On September 2, 2011, Roxy, VROC 1301, made the most devastating announcement a mother could make:

My friends, if you could spare some strength today, I would humbly ask if you could send some in the direction of my youngest son and I.... my oldest son, Richard, was taken from us this morning in a car accident on the Kiskatinaw valley hill. There are no words needed, just please go hug your children for me.... love them as much as you can today, and always.............


Richard staking his claim to his place as a biker at three years old



Richard, on the right, with his younger brother Robert. Vroc5324e.jpg


VROC condolences to the family of Richard Belleville.
Rest in peace Richard.

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