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VROC Folklore

How did VROC get started?

Answer: (Contributed by Wolfman, VROC #3).

I bought my 1500 Classic in late March, 1996. As I recollect it, I posted my early experience with the 1500 Classic to an article called "Five Fat Uglies on Five Fat Bikes," which was on the http://www.motorcycle.com site. I knew of no other Vulcan riders and just wanted to share my good times with the bike. John Fredriksson (VROC #52) read the article and emailed me directly for specifics. We sent various messages back and forth, adding various people to the cc list.

In a similar exchange, I was contacted by Marc Krouse (VROC #9-R) who had a more sizeable list of people who were talking about Vulcans. He had found fellow Vulcan owners on the rec.moto newsgroup and had been keeping all of them in touch. We joined his list and kept up the direct-mail correspondence, cc'ing one another, until Ken Bass (VROC #1) volunteered to automate the proceedings. The rest, as they say, is history.

The automated VROC mail list started the weekend of August 17th, 1996.

How to get along with your fellow VROC members.

Answer: Contributed by Dave J. Bechtel

This is what I came up with for some decent guidelines. I don't necessarily consider it complete, and would welcome your input. (The humor is tongue in cheek.)

  1. Don't SHOUT (type in all caps) for the whole length of your message. It will piss Rogue off and he will sic "Mongo" on you. Besides, the only reason to do this in the first place is if you have a 1980's mainframe terminal that doesn't support lowercase letters - or if you subscribe to AOL, ya loser.
  2. "X-Archive: Yes" use; Technical information and trip reports should be kept for posterity...General BS should not be archived.
  3. When replying to posts, Reply to the person's email address unless the whole list needs to know.
  4. Keep the flames down to a minimum; there's no need to subject others to public ridicule unless you want the same treatment. Also remember point #3, above.
  5. Respect other people's bandwidth (don't send pictures to the whole list unless it's to the proscribed web page (See the FAQ on posting pictures)
  6. If you are receiving too many emails, try the Digest. To do this, follow the instructions available on this web site.
  7. Try and be somewhat tolerant of what gets posted, but feel free to express your opinion as well. We're all bikers here, not choir boys.
  8. Put some descriptive information in your email signature (what bike you have, where you live, etc.)
  9. Be proud of your bike, but don't put other bikes down - unless they start with H and end with Y. Icon wink.gif
  10. Smile when you say that. Icon smile.gif
  11. DO NOT post chain letters to the group.
  12. Violators will be Violated. -- You're in luck tho, Dr. Rudi may take pity on you and help you get better afterward!
  13. Examine this page: : The Core Rules of Netiquette -- Excerpted from Netiquette by Virginia Shea -- Albion.com
  14. Refer to #12.


Who or what is the ERC?

Answer: A long time ago (Spring/Summer '96), a few of us Vulcan riders found each other through various means and kept in touch via email messages, discussing our mutual interests in riding and customizing motorcycles. We found out that we had a great time doing so. One of us, Ken Bass, was very proficient in working with the Internet. He set up a discussion list to make it easier for all of us to interact with one another. "Wolfman" Rick Jakubas created a web site with member and other club information. And VROC as we know it today was born.

Others soon followed with their own Internet and World Wide Web presence. Still others would volunteer to create logos, track membership numbers, develop patches and pins, put together special events, organize group purchases: all in the interest of helping everyone enjoy their Vulcans and motorcycling experiences a bit more. There was no one "in charge"; the group dynamic was such that each contributor saw a need and filled it -- no questions asked.

In January, '98, Wolfman was at the Chicago Motorcycle show, during which he was approached by John Hoover, the man in charge of the Vulcan Classic program at Kawasaki. He had heard of VROC, saw the VROC logo on Wolfman's shirt, and was interested in working with us as a means of getting technical information out to Vulcan owners.

By this time in its life, VROC had already formed its "no rules, no organization" method of operating. Mr. Hoover wanted to talk with the "President" of VROC to see what we could do together. Not wanting to speak for the organization, Wolfman turned to several individuals within VROC, whom he had grown to know as fiercely-individualistic people dedicated to the welfare of VROC, for advice. He could have picked many different people, but he selected 10 based on their then-current interests and demonstrated contributions to VROC:

Ken Bass "Keeper of the Lice"
Thomas Gates "Wiliedog"
Jim Dirkes "Tarkus"
Joseph Greene "Tojo"
Phil Zucht "Hungree"
Bob Denney "Joker"
Russ Hedrick
Rudi Kiefer "The Doctor"
Gasper Vovk "Discoverer of 'Gasperitis'"
Jim Sloan "Odinn"

He picked these people not because they were his friends (he had never met a one of them at the time), not because he thought they'd agree with him, but because he thought they represented a cross-section of VROC and that they'd offer diverse opinions on what was best for VROC. Indeed, some of the discussions got so "diverse" that some left the group. No one was ever kicked out for any reason.

Originally called "The Council of 11," the group became known as the External Relations Committee (ERC). The ERC was able to open some dialogs with Kawasaki on various issues and get some access to key internal people.

The ERC didn't create any long-term organizational structure for the running of VROC. They didn't impose any rules nor create ways to run VROC as a whole. This is the essence of the VROC motto: "No Rules."

The current makeup of the ERC includes:

VROC #1, Ken Bass
VROC #5, Wiliedog Thomas Gates
VROC #13, Toj Joseph Greene
VROC #93, Joker Bob Denney
VROC #350, Coyote John Shreve
VROC #1506, Scorpion~ Steve Thurgood
VROC #1850, Skid Jim Robinson
VROC #3077, Tom Miller
VROC #77, Badger Joe Paradise

Who are the system administrators of the VROC server?

There are three VROC members who administer the VROC server.

VROC #1, Ken Bass

VROC #13, Toj Joseph Greene

VROC #350, Coyote John Shreve

The VROC server is operated by the Administrators for their own amusement in their spare time.

What is "Gasperitus"?

Answer: "Gasperitus" is the term given to a problem experienced by early-production 1500 Classics. The symptoms of the problem are backfiring and severe power loss due to a valve sticking open on a cylinder. The affliction was named in honor of Gasper "Wolf" Vovk from Slovenia, one of the first members to experience the problem and get resolution through Kawasaki.

For a more technical explanation, along with instructions on what to do about it, see the related entry under the "Model Specific" section of Bike Info.

What the Hell does BUBIF, BUBF, or GBIS stand for?

Answer: Gotta know some VROC history for that one. Some fool a long time ago, referred to the 1500A as butt ugly. That was the beginning of the BU flame wars that rivaled the Peloponnesian Wars in intensity and duration. A more sane individual pointed out that the 1500A was much faster than the 1500 Classic, so the acromyms BUBF and BUBIF ("Butt Ugly But It's fast" or "Butt Ugly But Fast") became the proud emblem of the 1500A. A later acronym, GBIS (Gorgeous But It's Slow) arose for the 1500 Classic. The argument still goes on on that one.

Many other acronyms such as SOB and MF were used in the Great BUBIF flame wars. Hope this clears things up.

What's the deal with the chicken?

Answer: This web site has lots of clear, easy-to-understand instructions on how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the mailing list. In addition, when you subscribe, you get a personal message that says to keep this message so that you'll have the instructions on how to unsubscribe.

All of that notwithstanding, some people still need help. How do we know this? They send inane, sometimes hilarious, messages to the mailing list asking to be removed. If all else fails, there is one, sure-fire way to get unsubscribed:

  • Buy a frozen chicken.
  • Take your camera.
  • Drive out to a cornfield on the night of a full moon.
  • Take off all your clothes.
  • Strap the frozen chicken to your genitals.
  • Take pictures of yourself dancing naked under the full moon.
  • Send the photos and $50 (keep the chicken) to Wiliedog.

Voila! You'll be unsubscribed from the list.

Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the mailing list because it took too much administrative time, so, the frozen chicken dance faded into history.

What's up with those "-H" VROC numbers?

Answer: The "-H" designation indicates that the number is an Honorary one awarded as special recognition for service "above and beyond" within VROC.

  • The first 'Honorary Number' #1200-H was assigned to a couple, Tom & Linda Mezera, who didn't ride Vulcans but provided extended hospitality to a large group of VROCers during the first Boscobel run.
  • #1500-H is assigned to Wolfman Rick Jakubas (VROC #3). Wolfman is the VROC Webmaster who has spent literally thousands of hours designing and maintaining the web site.
  • #5000-H went to Bucky (VROC #284) for her work in organizing the VROC2000 rally in Durango, Colorado.
  • #6000-H is given to Johnny Pancake (VROC #803) for his multiple years of work enabling the SE VROC Rally (as many VROCers attend that event as do the annual/national reunion.)
  • #7000-H is assigned to Wiliedog (VROC #5) for organizing & coordinating the VROC2001 Reunion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  • #8000-H was given to Joker (VROC #93) for organizing & coordinating the VROC2002 Reunion (also in Eureka Springs).
  • #9000-H went to Badger (VROC #77). Badger has been handling the VROC pin sales since the very first days of VROC, and has given 100% of the profits to the server fund, year after year.
  • #10000-H is Toj's (VROC #13). Toj is the "Keeper of the Numbers" and VROC's treasurer. He keeps track of all membership information and the voluntary dues submissions.
  • #11000-H is Piper's (VROC #524). Piper sells VROC Patches and contributes $1 of each sale to the server fund and has been instrumental (pun intended) in his support of the Remembrance Run for our fallen brothers at the annual VROC reunion.
  • #12000-H was awarded to John Hoover, Director of Product Management - the Father of the 1500 Classic. John was the first at Kawasaki to take VROC seriously and not dismiss us as that "Crazy Internet Group." John solicited input from the group and incorporated much of our desires in ongoing product releases such as the Mean Streak, the 1600 Classic and more recently the 2000cc Rogue.
  • #13000-H is Coyote's (VROC #350). Coyote has used his computer/technical knowledge of networks and websites to help make the VROC site a premier stop on the Internet.
  • #14000-H is Hotsauce's (VROC #2064). While Scott Sprankle is known for livening up the SEVROC chili, he is better known for assisting other members and organizing, assisting with, and hosting VROC events.
  • #15000-H belongs to Ken Bass (VROC #1). VROC has grown to what it is today due to Ken's tireless behind-the-scenes attention to all the computer-technical details that let VROC stay available as a gathering place for friends.
  • #16000-H is EZ's (VROC #288). Curtis has been a mainstay of VROC for many years, organizing and assisting with VROC rallies as well as assisting other members and welcoming them into his home.
  • #17000-H is Sherm's (VROC #363). Sherm Acord has been a long time supporter of VROC, first through his business and later through sharing his travels and his friendship.
  • #18000-H is 4E's (VROC #3201). Jack Foree has hosted many VROC members in his home and has organized many rides and rallies in the Southwest including the Red Rock Rally.
  • #19000-H is Snake's (VROC #7376). Awarded posthumously, Tim was one of the best of our best. Also know for his craftsmanship in manufacturing the Cam Chain Extenders, JOG, and coasters. He provided to members near cost, what little profit existed was frequently donated to those in need.
  • #20000-H is Gadget's (VROC #5708). John is the creator and editor of the indispensable "Gadget's Fix-It pages."
  • #21000-H is Manjo's (VROC #1111). Dave is renowned for assisting members, and has a long history helping members solve problems with their bikes.
  • #22000-H is Judges's (VROC #2594). His creative genious is well known. The inventor of the JOG and the Clutch washers, he has saved many a VROCer a lot of time & money.
  • #23000-H is awarded to Jax ® (VROC #8777). Jack has organized many SEVROC events, creating lifelong memories and friends for a lot of VROCers.
  • #24000-H is Skid's (VROC #1850). If VROC had an ambassador, Skid would be our man. He is a 100% supporter of VROC 100% of the time. He has been referred to as "Mr. VROC."
  • #25000-H awarded to Moon (VROC #11628). Moon has organized the Eureka Springs, Arkansas - National VROC Rally for several years.
  • #26000-H is Blondy's (VROC #3382). Donna has handled the VROC Birthday notification for years. Day in, day out, she keeps up with who's birthday it is; and reminds the rest of us.
  • #27000-H is only the second Honorary number awarded to a non-rider. Thomas "Max" Dickerson saw fit to adopt us at the WWW_3 Rally in June of 2009; and at nine years of age has faced and overcome adversity most of us will never know. He is truly a VROCer in spirit.
  • #28000-H is VSP's (VROC #5569). Don has organized the HSVROC Rally for a decade and is also the webmaster for the HSVROC site.
  • #29000-H awarded to J.P. Williams (VROC #12709). J.P is one of a special group of VROCers that provide indispensable technical support via his Tearitupfixitrepeat blog.
  • #30000-H awarded to Rabbi (VROC #3860). Tommy has been a source of comfort to many VROCers in times of trouble as well as times of joy.
  • #31000-H awarded to Tom Miller (VROC #3077). Tom conceived, created and maintains the VERS list. Organized and hosted WWR3 in Kentucky and has been a technical resource to innumerable VROCers.
  • #32000-H awarded to Condi (VROC #31029). Condi and JR have organized and hosted the Eureka Springs, Arkansas VROC National Rally the past three years and have already put the 2015 National Rally on the calendar.
  • #33000-H awarded to JR(The Quiet one) (VROC #30869). JR and Condi have organized and hosted the Eureka Springs, Arkansas VROC National Rally the past three years and have already put the 2015 National Rally on the calendar.

What are all those abbreviations that I see people use in their messages?

VROC Acronyms

Thanks to Pick Jim Foster, VROC #9492, for his work in compiling these.

2DCVROCToo Da** Cold VROC (Russian Wolf's Alaskan Get-together)
AAADDAge Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact
ACAfter Children (from Dark)
ACCTAutomatic Cam Chain Tensioner
AFAICAs Far As I'm Concerned
AFAICTAs Far As I Can tell
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AWSGA**hole With Snow Gun
BARFBike Authentic, Rider Fake
BBSBulletin Board Service (Prehistoric - before the Internet)
BGBig Grin
BGGBBald Guy Gray Beard (Bayman)
BITDBack In The Day
BODBucket Of Dicks
BOHICABend Over, Here It Comes Again
BRPBlue Ridge Parkway
BSEGBig S***-Eating Grin
BTBSBroken Tach Bracket Syndorme
BTDTBeen There, Done That
BTDTGTTSBeen There, Done That, Got The Tee Shirt
BTWBy The Way
BUBFButt-Ugly But Fast (1500A)
CCWCounter Clockwise
CDICapacitive Discharge Ignition (aka Igniter)
CLAPChrome, Leather, And Power
CMAChristian Motorcyclists Association (www.cmausa.org)
CRSCan't Remember S***
CUBICompletely Useless Bits of Information (from Viagro)
DFCDuck For Cover
DFTTDon't Feed The Troll
DILLIGAFDo I Look Like I Give a F*&*?
DIYDo It Yourself
EAPEat A Peach (you'll have to ask Snake)
ERCExternal Relations Committee (See the FAQ)
ESEureka Springs (Arkansas, site of VROC Reunion)
FGGBFat Guy Gray Beard
FNFrozen North
FNAFrozen North Alberta
FSFor Sale
FTFull Time
FTWF*** The World
FUBARF*&*ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIWFor What It's Worth
FYIFor Your Information
GBISGorgeous But It's Slow (1500 Classic)
GBSEGGreat Big S***-Eating Grin
GFGirl Friend
GMAOGrinning My A** Off
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GTGet Together (e.g. ES, LL, etc.)
GTGGood To Go
GTOCGood Times Owner's Club
GWHonda Gold Wing
HBDHappy Birthday
HBUBFHalf Butt-Ugly But Fast (750) OR Hairy Butt Ugly But Fast
HCRHill Country Ride (Fredricksburg, TX - Early April)
HMHonorary Member
HRTHonda-Riding Traitor (Doug?)
HSVROCHigh Sierra VROC (Northern California, held in July?)
HTGHappy Thanksgiving
IBVROCIn-Between VROC (Between HSVROC and Yellowstone/Sturgis Gatherings)
ICBSGInter-Continental Ballistic Snow Gun (used to send snow to NZ) (doesn't work)
IHTHABI Hope This Helps A Bit (Manjo)
IIRCIf I Remember Correctly
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMNHOIn My Never Humble Opinion
IMNSHOIn My Not-So-Humble Opinion
IOWIn Other Words
JATJust A Thought
JDJack Daniels
JICJust In Case
JKJust Kidding
JM2CWJust My 2 Cents Worth
JMHOJust My Humble Opinion
JMNSHOJust My Not-So-Humble Opinion
JMOJust My Opinion
JOGJudge's Oil Gear (Metal - see POG)
KMAKiss My A**
LEOLaw Enforcement Officer
LLLake Lure (SEVROC site)
LMAOLaughing My A** Off
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LUKLet Us Know
LYMILove Ya Mean It
LYMIPLove Ya Mean It Platonically
MBBWMyrtle Beach Bike Week
MHOMy Humble Opinion
MOMMotorcycle Owner's Manual
MSFMotorcycle Safety Foundation
MTCWMy Two Cents Worth
NANMRANorth American Nude Motorcycle Riders Association
NAVNot A Vulcan
NBCNumb Butt Club
NBDNo Big Deal
NGNews Group (ours is local.vroc.techtalk)
NLTNo Later Than
NMRNon-Motorcycle Related
NRTMNot Related To Much (a Manjo original)
NTAOCNot That Any One Cares
NTTAWWTNot That There's Anything Wrong With That
NVRNon-Vulcan Related
OCOf Course!
OICOh, I See!
OPJOl'Phart Joe (#655)
OTOff Topic or Overtime
OTDOut The Door
OTOHOn The Other Hand
PEBKACProblem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PIA/PITAPain In the A**
PLDPot Luck Dinner (esp. at ES)
PLOPPeople Labeling Other People (from Auggie)
POPost Office
PO'dP*ssed Off
POGPlastic Oil Gear
POSPiece Of Sh*t
POVPoint Of View
PTPart Time
PUIPosting Under the Influence (SUNDIAL re: fart)
PYTPretty Young Thing
QCQuality Control
QGQuite Good (from CYborg)
RITCRRide In The Canadian Rockies
ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTFLMAOPIMPRolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off Peeing In My Pants
RTFMRead The F***ing Manual
RUBRich Urban Biker
S&GSh*ts & Giggles
SCSouthern Comfort
SCPSherm's Cycle Products (www.shermscycleproducts.com)
SEVROCSouth East VROC (held in May at LL in North Carolina)
SFSea Foam (www.seafoamsales.com)
SFBSh*t For Brains
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SNAFUSituation Normal, All F*&*ed Up
SOSignificant Other
SquidSquished Kid/Squirrely Kid/sport-biker with more HP than brains
SSDDSame S***, Different Day
SVPS'il Vous Plait (French for "If You Please")
SWMBOShe Who Must Be Obeyed
TANSTAAFLThere Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TDCTop Dead Center (Pistons - Highest point in cylinder)
THTTwo Hands Tight (oil filter torque measurement)
TIAThanks In Advance
TMALSSTo Make A Long Story Short
TMIToo Much Information (from Toa)
TOADTroll Of A Day
TTFNTaTa For Now (Bye!)
TYVMThank You Very Much
UMUninsured Motorist
V&HVance & Hines (pipes)
VALVROC Acronym List (you're lookin' at it)
VBGVery Big Grin
VRAVulcan Rider's Association
VROCVulcan Rider's and Owner's Club (Duh!)
W.A.R.B.We Ain't Right Bunch
WABWannabe A Biker (sort of like RUB)
WBWelcome Back
WBTWay Back Treatment
WDWiliedog (VROC #5)
WFOWide F***kin' Open
WFYBWhatever Floats Your Boat
WGwiredgeorge (#2420)
WHOREWe Haul Our Rides Everywhere
WOMWord Of Mouth
WOTWide Open Throttle
WRWar Report
WRTWith Regard To
WTBWant To Buy
WTFWhat The F***
WTGWay To Go
WTHITWhat The Heck Is That (variation of WTFIT)
WWWrench Wench (female who works on her own bike)
WWGWinter Whiner's Group
WYLTKWouldn't You Like To Know
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary
YVWYou're Very Welcome

How come there's only one big discussion group (local.vroc.techtalk) rather than having one for bike technical stuff, one for general discussions, etc.?

Answer: This question comes up quite often in the discussion group. The simple answer is: because we like it that way.

Basically, VROC started out as a place where people first came together to talk about the newly-introduced Vulcan 1500 Classic. Certainly, the majority of the topics were about the great features and the quirks of the bikes. As time went on, talk naturally progressed from tech-only to more personal issues in an effort to get to know one another.

The discussion group does not have any formal moderation to keep topics on track. In other words, there's no one around who would make sure that people post their messages to the proper group. Setting up multiple non-regional groups would just confuse everyone, as people wouldn't know where to go to follow a thread.

To help those people who have set up their news readers to filter messages based on topic, you are encouraged to use some common abbreviations in your subject line:

  • NMR - Not Motorcycle Related
  • NVR - Not Vulcan Related (but probably about motorcylces)
  • POL - Political Issue
  • REL - Religious Issue
  • etc.

To quote our own Agent 99, VROC #1005:

The bottom line is that any group can be dedicated to tech, and there's lots of tech resources out there. Shoot, tech is a huge part of what makes VROC great. But what makes us more like family and different from all the other motorcycle related forums out there is having one main board where we can come and discuss anything we feel like. This is where bonds are made (and sometimes broken when called for), and this is our greatest strength as a group.

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