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What is the PPP (Patented Piver Punch) or how can I get some sound out of my stock exhaust system?

Thanks to Swain Piver for developing that fine tool, the Patented Piver Punch. This fine tool was developed specifically for the 1500 Classic, but has been used successfully on other models. The tool is a piece of 3/4 inch rebar steel 30 inches long and sharpened on one end. Other types of steel will work, as long as it's sharp on one end and you can beat on the other.

Stick the PPP in your stock exhaust and have a friend support your exhaust system. Hit the tool with a hammer until you have punched through the baffles. After you are through the first one, keep going because there is a second one. After you have punched both sets of baffles in one of the exhausts, go to the other exhaust and do the same thing. Your bike should now have significantly more sound. Please note, these instructions are for a Vulcan 1500, although, the PPP has been used on some other Vulcan models with success.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk. If not done carefully, you can damage your exhaust system (although, I think that is what you are trying to do).

Chroming Bike Parts

Here’s the name of a good, but possibly expensive place for chrome work: It’s the Chrome Connection, a part of American Wire Wheels in Texas. These guys were referred to me by a MA bike builder that used to use NeuChrome and found the Chrome Connection did an even better job. I got a telephone estimate from NeuChrome (508-324-0002), Graham Road, Fall River, MA (thanks U-Turn) this morning. They want $180.00 to chrome my BUBF fork tubes. They will grind any rough edges, take out pits and polish the aluminum to mirror-like before chroming. I have to disassemble the forks and bring in the lower tubes. Chroming aluminum is supposed to be harder than chroming steel. If this is apples-to-apples, you may want to give them a call and ship the tubes to them. It should be less than $60.00 UPS Ground round trip CA/MA. Manjo ~V~ 1111 1500A9.

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