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Technical Archive

The Technical Archive holds those messages from the Discussion Group that people have specifically indicated should be saved. These messages primarily (but not exclusively) deal with information about some aspect of motorcycling.

To archive a message, just include the command X-Archive: yes at the beginning of its own line anywhere in your message text. The archives are updated around 4:00 in the morning (EST), so all submissions will show up only after this time.

This feature should be used only when posting information which you deem useful for months and years to come. It should not be used for chit-chat, general discussion, or off-topic discussions.

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Conversion of the old archives from the old format to the new has been delayed indefinitely.

We do not have a target date for completion.

We just don't have the time to make the necessary software changes (which are extensive, due to the age of the old software and the nature of how the archives work).

Thanks for your patience and understanding.