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Discussion Group

"I know you are new here, but one of the things that makes this group is the opportunity to meet others with similar interests. While we enjoy our bikes, there is more to each of us than what bike we ride.

"The divergent discussions that occur on this group allow a glimpse into the personality behind the signature. Asking us to limit the discussion to bikes, oil, tires, etc. might give you short-term information you can use, but would lead to a discussion group bereft of its soul.

"Stick around a while and get to know the other members through what they post. In time, you will feel you actually know us. Much preferable to knowing our bikes."

-- Mike, VROC #955, Aug, 1999

The true worth of the Internet is used to its advantage in allowing people to share their thoughts and views on their Vulcan riding experiences.  The VROC discussion list started in August, 1996, and has fostered many friendships over the years.

Notice: The volume of messages on the Discussion Group can be high; it's not unusual to have over 100 new messages posted every day. Be sure to take that fact into consideration when you select a method of accessing the discussion group:

  • You can choose to participate in the discussions using a supported newsreader (such as Agent or Outlook Express) and the VROC news server. This is by far the best way of accessing the VROC list.
  • You can use your web browser to access a full-featured, modern web-based interface available to those who can't access the newsgroup due to firewall issues.

No matter which method you choose, you will see all the same messages; the only difference is whether you see the message via a newsreader or via the web -- the content is identical.

While you can read the messages in the Discussion Groups without logging in, in order to post, you must have a valid VROC number.

In addition to the active discussions, past threads have been saved for future reference. A search engine is provided. You can view these messages in the Archive/Search.