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Classifieds - Items for Sale & Wanted to Buy

While not exactly eBay, this section of the VROC site lets you see what fellow VROCers have to sell or wish to get. If you are a member of VROC, you can add your own items to the Classifieds. Just login to access the item form.

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Click on a displayed link to see the full details of the item that's for sale.

Contact the person listed on the item; do NOT contact the VROC Administrators.

Disclaimer: Neither VROC nor its Administrators take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented in this section, nor for the availability, condition, or merchantibility of any item herein. Any and all complaints must be addressed to the individual shown on the listing. Seller takes full responsibility to make sure any prospective buyer is a bona fide buyer. Buyer and Seller Beware.

Parts and Accessories

There are currently no items for sale in this category.