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VROC Chapters

Setting up a VROC chapter doesn't involve a lot of red tape. Just find other VROCers in your area and get together for rides, events, etc. Give yourself a name and then set up a web site or a discussion group on one of the free providers (such as Yahoo! Groups). Use the form on the Contact Us page to send in your information to be included in this list.

The following links will take you to the web sites of various VROC Chapters and will all open in a separate browser window.

VROC is not responsible for the content on these web sites and discussion groups.

By default, the list of VROC Chapters is presented in alphabetical order by Area Covered: first, those chapters that are located in a single state, followed by those that span multiple states. By clicking on the bold headings, you can sort the list by Chapter Name or by Area Covered.

Area Covered Chapter Name
Chapters located in one state/province
Alberta, Canada Frozen North Alberta
Massachusettes MassVROC
Missouri (St. Louis) Gateway VROC
New Mexico New Mexico VROC
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Steel City VROC
Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) DFW VROC
Utah Utah VROC
Western Australia, Australia Golden West VROC
Chapters spanning multiple states/provinces
Austria VROC Austria
Bayern / Bavaria (Germany) Vulcanier Bayern
Czech Republic Cesti vulkanyri
Czech Republic VROC Czech Republic
Eastern Iowa, Western Illinois Sauk Valley VROC
Eastern Missouri and South Western Illinois Gateway VROC - Illinois
Germany - Vulcanier Germany Vulcanier Germany
Italy VROC Italy
New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont) NewEngVROC
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York NEVROC
Northern Rockies NR-VROC
Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado and Western Missouri Plains VROC
Ontario, northern Michigan and upstate New York (contact Skid for info) Frozen North Great Lakes
Poland VROC Masovia
Poland VROC Poland
Slovakia Vulcan Riders Slovak Republic
Slovenia Vulcan Riders of Slovenia
Spain Spain
The Great Lakes region and surrounding States Great Lakes VROC
United Kingdom VROC United Kingdom