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Where Are They?

Finding your fellow VROCers is easy. You can locate other members in two ways: by looking up their city, state, and country (VROC World); or by how close they are to a city, regardless of the state (Proximity Search).

VROC World
Proximity Search
Oceania Asia Middle East Europe Africa South America North America
The VROC World tab provides a way to find fellow VROCers by the area of the world in which they live.

Just pick the major region, either by clicking on the map or on the tabs below, then the country, state, province, or district listed.

Middle East
North America
South America
Country State/Province/District

Egypt AlexandriaCairo
Iraq Baghdad
Israel CentralNorthSouthernTel Aviv-Yafo
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Turkey AnkaraIstanbulIzmirUnspecified