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Brandon Caldwell
VROC #2620
Member since before August 15, 1997
Location: Mauldin, South Carolina
Contact via:   Visit my website
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Motorcycle Information

2005 Kandy Cobalt Blue 1600 Nomad
1998 Fully Custom, Totally Red 1500 Custom
Stripped down custom boulevard cruiser, with morphing capabilities for the long haul. Frame welds rewelded and ground smooth, custom painted frame, hand built fenders, smoothed gas tank, 17" smoked shield, custom painted brake/clutch reservoirs, custom painted switch housings, top triple tree, fork lowers, and much much much more.

More Power: Thunderstorm kit, ported/polished/flowed heads, larger intake valves, Thunder intake manifold, Dyna 2000 ignition module, V&H Straightshots, Coyote kit, Re-Jetted to match, Coasters, Lead Throttle Hand, Judge's Clutch washers, more....

Photo Album

2005 Custom Nomad
98 Classic Custom
This is a 2005 Vulcan 1600 NomaDavidson. It started with a base Nomad, then the original owner threw on the Tour Pak and inner/outer fairing. The paint was awful (rattlecan at best), and the execution was worse. I stripped it down, fixed the bracketry, and repainted everything with HOK Kandy Cobalt Blue over Silver Marbleizer. Threw in some flames for good measure. I also reworked the entire dashboard to allow me to bury a Tom Tom GPS unit and 6x9 speakers into the dash. While I was at it, I filled the body lines on the saddlebags.

Check out the GPS in the dash!