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Parts and Stuff: VROC Items

Disclaimer: No endorsement of any kind is made by VROC for any of the parts or services identified on this web site. Contact these vendors at your own risk. VROC is not responsible nor liable for problems you may encounter with the vendors listed. However, vendors who have a history of unresolved complaints will be removed. To report difficulty with a listed vendor that you have been unable to resolve on your own, use the Contact Us form and allow one week for a reply. This time allows us the opportunity to contact the vendor and request a response.

Vendor Description
Badger's Pins
Visit the vendor web site.

Owned by VROC #77, Badger Joe Paradise

Badger designs, creates, and sells excellent VROC pins. Information about the pins and how to order them are located at his web site. Joe donates a portion of each purchase toward the maintenance of the VROC server. 
Phone: 800.733.5664 x180
Contact vendor by email. Visit the vendor web site.

Contact Ryan Rudd

Owned by VROC #18925, Ruddbow Ryan Rudd

2 Sizes are available. Small: 2.5" x 4" or Large 3.5" x 5.75" Black printed on white 3m HP vinyl. A portion of each sale is being contributed to the VROC Server. (.75 for the small and $1 for the large)

SMALL: $3.25 LARGE $4.50 Pricing includes shipping. Perfect for the back window of your cage. Other specialty items available. PayPal Verified

(See Member Profile for Pics) 
EZ-ON Motorcycle Accessories
Visit the vendor web site.
Where to buy the Judge Oil Pump Gear (JOG) and the Judge clutch washer kit. 
Personalized Dash Plaques and Reservoir Covers
Southeast Cycles
5900 Maxham Rd
Austell, Ga 30168

Phone: 770-745-6383
Contact vendor by email.  

Owned by VROC #9031, Niner Donald Putnam

The price for the VN1500 kit will be $95.00 (2 res covers & 1 dash cover) and the VN800 will be $70.00 (1 res covers & 1 dash cover). You can purchase either dash cover for $40.00 and reservoir covers can be purchased for $35.00 each. These items are available to VROC members only. Name and member numbers are added at no additional cost. Shipping is extra. All major credit cards are accepted. 
Piper Enterprises
Visit the vendor web site.

Owned by VROC #524, Piper Steve Chandler

Get VROC patchs and other VROC items such as t-shirts from Steve. Piper is a longtime VROC member who donates a portion of the sale of every item he sells to the VROC server fund. 
Contact vendor by email. Visit the vendor web site.

Contact Don

Owned by VROC #19559, Q

Wall Calendar 
ROK (Riders of Kawasaki)
Contact vendor by email. Visit the vendor web site.

Contact Brian Gibson

Owned by VROC #27071, ROKEditor Teri C.

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