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In Memoriam

"It is indeed a sad day for VROC, for motorcyclists, for friends left behind, and, most of all, for the families of our fallen Brothers and Sisters. May the memory of our dear departed members live long in our hearts, and may this group never have to mourn the loss of another."

-- Dave "Rev" Heavel, VROC 1243-R
Pastor, Living Stones Chapel
Westminster, MD
September, 1998

As in all things, there comes a time when fate steps in and takes our loved ones away. This page is dedicated to all our VROC Brothers and Sisters who have passed on.

We hope that their families and friends find some small comfort in our keeping their memory alive in our hearts.

All Members
Member VROC # Date of Passing

Biker Bob Bob Sanzi 3527-RIP June 23
Capachino Jerry DeBlois 135-RIP March 7
colonel Hartmut Fleckhaus 32181-RIP June 26
DAYTRIP Alan Day 19548-RIP February 16
Fez Robert Fessenden 19847-RIP June 15
Gil Perkins 25455-RIP May 22
Don Pusso 9869-RIP April 7
REXDOG Bob Elliott 7145-RIP April 28
`Rich Richard Belleville 5324-RIP September 2
Siona Susan Baron 22248-RIP February 15
Smitty Dwight Smith 5887-RIP December 25
The Man Ron Mullinix 7798-RIP February 22
Rejean Tremblay 12922-RIP August 21