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In Memoriam

"It is indeed a sad day for VROC, for motorcyclists, for friends left behind, and, most of all, for the families of our fallen Brothers and Sisters. May the memory of our dear departed members live long in our hearts, and may this group never have to mourn the loss of another."

-- Dave "Rev" Heavel, VROC 1243-R
Pastor, Living Stones Chapel
Westminster, MD
September, 1998

As in all things, there comes a time when fate steps in and takes our loved ones away. This page is dedicated to all our VROC Brothers and Sisters who have passed on.

We hope that their families and friends find some small comfort in our keeping their memory alive in our hearts.

All Members
Member VROC # Date of Passing

Don Arden 111-RIP March 23
Chuck Burt 13091-RIP July 22
CYborg Michael Sartor 3007-RIP June 7
Kilo Mark Irwin 935-RIP July 22
Letz Ride Russ Williams 9413-RIP March 22
OZ Jim Owens 7506-RIP October 29
Monte Wampler 8796-RIP May 8
Jack Williams 4387-RIP December 18