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Event Calendar

You can find events either by their name alphabetically or by the dates on which they occur. Use the / tabs to move the calendar in 6-month increments.

Disclaimer: Participate in these events at your own risk. Regardless of what an event description or other material may indicate, VROC neither sponsors nor endorses any events whatsoever. Neither VROC nor its Administrators assume any responsibility for these events nor for the accuracy of the information presented. Contact the event organizer directly for the latest information.

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Event Name Location Start Date
2016 New Zealand Top of THE SOUTH RUMBLE New Zealand February 25, 2016
7th national Rally Slovenia June 23, 2016
Cat's Memorial and Final Aebleskiver Get together Solvang, CA July 20, 2016
Pre Aebleskiver Rally Annual Breakfast at Chez Siegelaar Fillmore, CA July 20, 2016
SEVROC 2016 Maggie Valley NC May 19, 2016
VROC ES Reunion Eureka Springs, AR September 13, 2016
Wolfman's Wandering Rally - WWRX Taos, New Mexico June 21, 2016